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WPBakery Visual Composer Grid System

WPBakery Visual Composer Grid System
New Grid System Functional and Versatile I have to hand it to Michael M for his innovative Visual Composer.  Recently added is a new Grid Element Builder that seems to be the solution for any visual designer.   With this new approach to building links to element ofRead more

Week off for vacation

Hey all. Sorry I didn’t have anything to contribute this week. Had a much needed vacation in New Orleans. The good news is that during my travel, I started reading CSS3 Pushing the Limits  by Stephen Greig. I’m only about 1/4 of the way through it, but I can

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SEO: Avoid Spider Traps

SEO:  Avoid Spider Traps
It is always my goal to increase my knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO). Daily I read trade journal articles on various subjects including SEO and today I learned of a concept that I never heard of... the Spider Trap. Everyone knows that search engines and otherRead more