Graphic Design

For the majority of my career as a designer, my focus was Salvatori’s.  Seeing a need for more professional design work, the Italian restaurant was the reason that I went back to school and nearly all of my efforts were to promote the business.  In December of 2018, the two restaurants were sold.  I, therefore, transferred the website, menus, and logo graphics to the new designer.

My collection of work spanning 10 years is extensive, so I created another page just for that work.  Please use the link below to see a sampling of that work.

Since I was starting from scratch with this design work, it was necessary to brand the business.  I chose to draw inspiration from Old World, Grunge, and Art Nouveau styles.  I feel that this combination set the mood for customers seeking authentic Italian cuisine.

I recently changed the theme of the website and I am in the process of rebuilding this page.

Please check back soon for more content.