January 27, 2015 in Learning, Visual Composer

WPBakery Visual Composer Grid System

WP Bakery Visual Composer logo

New Grid System Functional and Versatile

I have to hand it to Michael M for his innovative Visual Composer.  Recently added is a new Grid Element Builder that seems to be the solution for any visual designer.   With this new approach to building links to element of a website, I predict that website front pages will sway toward this format.

I have been building primarily with U-Design which comes with Visual Composer and I have purchased it separately for use on other sites.  I was impressed with the functionality before, but new grid system will undoubtedly change the way that I design.

I have yet to delve into the myriad of options, but I look forward to sharing my experience with it.  Check back here to see examples of my experiments…

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